Elf blood

The groups of remaining elves mixed with the human settlers out of a desire to preserve some piece of their culture and history. This was especially common in what remained in Kingdom of Altel what is now the Kingdom of Bailey. This has resulted in the Nobility of Bailey, but Elf-blooded humans exist in all of the lands of the region. Some of these individuals have all of the traits of half-elves but most have significantly less elven blood and only posses a few elven traits.

(Player can choose to play an elf-blooded human details below.)

Ability Scores. Choose any two ability scores to increase by 1, also increase Charisma by 1.
Age. Generally live to be over a century and maintain a relatively youthful appearance.
Languages. Speak, read and write, Common, Elvish and one extra language.
Choose two:
Fey Ancestry.
Fleet of Foot.
Mask of the Wild.

Choose one:
Skill. Choose one skill to be proficient in.
Feat. Gain one feat.

Elf blood

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